If smoking was your last obstacle, consider that you have taken the first step to get out from under its curse. In fact, just by reading this site, you have taken many, many steps to better health. You now understand how a healthy body should function, and can pinpoint and explain your symptoms. You have uncovered which limb of CAID is causing your discomfort, and you have the tools necessary to create a treatment plan that will work. You are aware of the relationship that mold has with your symptoms. The five-step plan will keep you on track each and every day, so that you can continue to feel well under any circumstances.

My work is done, while yours has just begun. This site provides the information you need to effectively diagnose your CAID symptoms. You now understand that your symptoms may be part of a larger disease process that is intimately connected, including all of the limbs of CAID: sinus disease, allergies, asthma, GERD/LPRD, and snoring/sleep apnea. Best of all, you now have a wide assortment of treatment options and can actively participate in the care of your body.

The sinus revolution has started to bring about a change in thinking on the part of many practitioners that will be taking care of you. You now have the tools to clearly communicate with them. You should feel empowered, knowing that you are part of a team that can resolve your health issues once and for all. My lasting wish for you is simple: That you have found new hope for improvement of your disease, that you really can and will feel better.

Sinus Tips:
There are many effective tools that can be used to quit smoking. But no matter which tools you try, your desire to quit has to come from the heart. If you don’t really want to st
My position on smoking is clear: You need to quit. However, I know that quitting any addiction is easier said than done. If you currently smoke, clearing up your sinus disease once
Simply being around cigarette smoke or smoking yourself may be part of your problem. Nothing makes my blood boil more than meeting a CAID sufferer who smokes. We all know that smok
If you have begun following the instructions and guidelines in this site, you may already be feeling better. Don’t discount your hard work. Change is often both difficult and fru
I cannot stress this enough: If your traditional or holistic practitioner prescribed medication, take the entire prescription. Do not stop taking medication just because you feel b
Depending on your particular issues, review the necessary categorys that include information about food and CAID. categorys 10 and 11 outline nutritional information and foods that
This initial hit of inflammation would probably lead you to believe that you had come down with a simple cold.